5 Student-Centered Strategies to Spark Joy in K–12 Classrooms

5 Student-Centered Strategies to Spark Joy in K–12 Classrooms

What made you laugh today? What made Miss Ice laugh today?

As a teacher, on back-to-school night, I always shared with parents that asking about our classroom giggles was a surefire way to elicit a more memorable response than “How was your day?”

Another added benefit is that it encouraged my students and myself to tune into the joy in the classroom. By asking about joy, I ensured that my learning objectives and lessons were student centered toward lifelong learning. This school year, let Learn360 support your students and their sense of humor with these five student-centered strategies to spark joy in the classroom.

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1. Give Your Students Options

Can you read it in a robot voice? What about a sloth voice? Whether your students are five years old or fifteen years old, there is nothing more powerful than giving students some laughter and some choice in their learning experiences. Students will be more invested and engaged when they are given options. From choosing their favorite silly voice for a read aloud to choosing the topic of their research paper, Learn360 has all the assets to support student agency. Challenge your students to read and act out Officer Buckle and Gloria (83313) at your next school assembly. You’re sure to get everyone laughing.

Office Buckle & Gloria on Learn360

2. Connect Learning to the Real World

Limitless access to information can be both exciting and overwhelming. Support your students by building connections between their learning in the classroom and their real-world experiences. Giving students the agency to create change and propel learning has a deep impact on student learning in the classroom. With Streamable Learning, students can interact with professionals, explore future careers, and connect daily lessons with world issues. This month, Learn360 subscribers have access to two free livestreams from the Greenville Zoo in South Carolina and the North Carolina Museum of Art.

3. Build Strong Relationships

Learning is a social experience. Help your students forge connections with their classmates by planning opportunities for relationship building. With Learn360, you can help your students identify their strengths and get to know each other. Connect your students with There’s Only One Me! Back-to-School Pages (211752). With videos, games, and printables in multiple languages, Learn360 has all of the resources to embrace each student’s individuality and differentiate projects for your classroom.

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4. Embrace Your Passion Project

Does it bring you joy to transform your entire classroom with a new theme each year? Do it. When students see their teacher excited about an activity or new initiative, that enthusiasm is contagious. From bulletin boards (211046) to podcasts (195267), Learn360 has amazing resources to help you share your passion with your students. This year, we are so excited to jump into our Open House (211765) resources and transform our classrooms into castles (211632). We believe teachers deserve to be treated as royalty!

5. Collaborate Creatively

Just like our students, every teacher has different strengths and interests. Collaborate with your colleagues and harness the power of interdisciplinary project-based learning. With Learn360, you can connect a myriad of resources to support not only your students, but your fellow teachers. From constructing cultural landmarks and bird feeders to designing brochures and businesses, Learn360 has all of the videos, interactives, and printables to support meaningful project-based learning. Click here to view our more recent webinar on project-based learning ideas.

This school year, fill your classroom with laughter and make the most of your Learn360 resources. Consider joining our Learn360 Educator Ambassador Program and connect with a supportive educator community. At Infobase, our Learn360 team is here to laugh and celebrate all the joys and challenges in our classrooms. Click here to learn more about LEAP.

What Is Learn360?

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