Dive Behind the Scenes of BBC Learning

Dive Behind the Scenes of BBC Learning

Hear from BBC’s Global Head of Learning about the New My World Series, Produced by Angelina Jolie, and More

“Infobase is a leading provider of BBC Learning content, and they do a great job of getting it into the hands of K-12, higher education, and public libraries.”
—Kara Iaconis, Global Head of Learning, BBC


Infobase is proud to provide more than 3,000 hours of BBC Learning content, and work directly with BBC as a content provider, partner, and lover of learning. Students can access over 125 days’ worth of BBC Learning content on Infobase’s streaming video services! Watch Anne Feldkamp, Director of Video Acquisitions at Infobase, and Kara Iaconis, Global Head of Learning at BBC, discuss all things BBC Learning, including content development, distribution tactics, and how countries around the world bring learning to life.

Ms. Iaconis explains, “We all struggle with the same things. Keeping kids engaged, keeping kids at the forefront of learning. We all struggle the same way across the globe to make content accessible and to provide equity and learning for everyone so that all kids can find access to great stuff.”  

How are you solving these problems in your classroom or in your district?

  • Providing educational content from global sources? 
  • Addressing key curriculum topics as well as timely topics in the news?
  • Supporting teachers’ curriculum with content that will bring lessons to life and inspire students?
  • Encouraging teachers to address challenging topics with trusted resources?
  • Helping your teachers tackle the hard issues with support material that is timely, trusted, and true?

New My World Series, from Executive Producer Angelina Jolie

My World is a joint production between BBC World Service, Microsoft Education, and Executive Producer Angelina Jolie. It draws on the independent, global reporting of the BBC World Service and is geared at teenagers who want to know more about the key stories and issues shaping our world. It connects young audiences by providing an insight into the lives of young people across the globe, tackling topics of international importance and featuring celebrity interviews. 

As Ms. Iaconis shares, “We wanted to make sure that, not only were we giving kids information about what’s going on in the world around them from a global news perspective, we wanted to also tell them what it was like to be a smart reviewer of news, and how do you respond to what you see in the news? How do you know if what you are seeing is real or fake? This was an important aspect that we wanted to challenge in the education portion of the show.”

Infobase Offers BBC Learning Content for Students of All Ages

Learn360 and Infobase’s other streaming video collections (Classroom Video On Demand for high schools, Films On Demand for academic institutions, and Access Video On Demand for public libraries) provide instant access to a wealth of BBC Learning’s popular, curriculum-oriented titles and series:

Among the BBC titles that Infobase offers are renowned natural history series like Planet Earth, Blue Planet, Frozen Planet, Landmark, and countless others. The Bitesize series helps support the curriculum and bring lessons to life with fun and engaging videos on math, science, history, ELA, Shakespeare, and more. Students and learners of all ages are supported.

In addition to K–12 schools, BBC provides content to Infobase’s Films On Demand for academic institutions. Some of our most popular series for colleges and universities are The Royal Shakespeare Company Productions, In Search of Science, American History’s Biggest Fibs, The Men Who Made Us Spend, Secrets of Superbrands, and Into the Mind. 

Infobase is able to offer public libraries popular BBC Learning content through its Access Video On Demand collection, including such favorites as Rise of the ClansSuffragettesPhillippa Gregory’s the Real White Queen and Her RivalsJoanna Lumley- the Quest for Noah’s Ark, Attenborough’s Natural Curiosities, The Lost World, and more. The first two seasons of Call the Midwife, Einstein and Hawking: Masters of Our Universe, and the exciting new BBC Teach are among the new BBC Learning titles to be added soon!

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