Add 20,000+ Additional Worksheets to Your Learn360 Subscription with The Mailbox® Select

Add 20,000+ Additional Worksheets to Your Learn360 Subscription with The Mailbox® Select

Learn360 subscribers know that Learn360, the ultimate streaming multimedia resource for the K–12 educational market, gives teachers, students, and parents access to more than 182,000 media resources—videos, interactives, printables, audio content, and more—on any Internet-enabled device, anytime, anywhere. Now, they can add more than 20,000 new, fun worksheets to their Learn360 subscription with The Mailbox® Select add-on collection. 

This new collection, available only for Learn360 subscribers, adds thousands of new PDF worksheets from The Mailbox® to the Learn360 platform. These worksheets will help teachers from prekindergarten to grade 6 save time as they introduce, teach, and reinforce subject matter across the curriculum, covering subjects such as language arts, math, science, social studies, and more, plus teacher tools to help with classroom management.

Learn360 subscribers who purchase The Mailbox® Select will find the new content by clicking on The Mailbox® Select icon on the Learn360 home page.

What Is Learn360?

Learn360 is a vetted, easy-to-use media library that is correlated to standards, organized for educators, and full of K–12 content from the industry’s top producers. Learn360 serves more than 22 million students in 26,900+ schools across the United States and Canada and remains the #1 choice for our many long-term subscribers.

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Learn360 includes a wide range of exciting, current, and diverse content and features that make it a powerful tool for flipped classrooms, blended instruction, project-based learning, and 1:1 environments. The customizable features help you control what users see. Teachers can use this versatile resource to find content for lesson plans, to introduce topics, as assignments, and much more. Students can use Learn360 independently for research, homework help, or self-directed learning; to enhance projects and assignments; or even just for fun.

Plus, Learn360 was created with school budgets in mind, making it a sustainable resource year after year.

What Is The Mailbox®?

For more than 40 years, The Mailbox® has been the leader in providing teacher-created ideas that work for prekindergarten through grade 5. More than 80% of today’s teachers know The Mailbox®—and 85% of them have used The Mailbox® ideas in their classrooms. Those ideas include thousands of worksheets, crafts, forms, songs, games, graphic organizers, patterns, clip art, cards, and more that span a diverse range of subjects, including language arts, math, social studies, science, classroom management, and arts and crafts.

The Mailbox®’s classroom tips and tools help educators build practical skills in the all-important area of successful classroom management—recognized as the #1 characteristic of being an effective teacher. All content is carefully planned and edited by our in-house team of former teachers. The Mailbox®’s editors are experienced at assessing what teachers will find valuable and worth incorporating into lessons.

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