Access a World of Virtual Field Trips with Streamable Learning

Access a World of Virtual Field Trips with Streamable Learning

Raise your hand if the idea of planning a field trip stresses you out…even just a little. Maybe it’s trying to sort out the expenses, or worrying about the safety of your students. Or maybe the trips you’d ideally love to take with your class are outrageously cost-prohibitive. What if all of these logistics went away with just the click of a link, and you could take your students on engaging, interactive, educational field trips any day of the academic year? You can with Streamable Learning, a virtual field trip subscription service for K–12 schools and districts.

The only live and interactive streaming service on the market today that also offers an extensive library of past recordings (1,000+), Streamable Learning opens classrooms to an endless world of fun, easy, and affordable field trips that equitably connect students, schools, and districts to noted experts and organizations from around the world.

Oh, the Places They’ll Go

Streamable Learning levels the playing field by offering equal opportunities for all students to “travel” around the world, where they’ll meet passionate subject-matter experts who they can learn from and chat with. This unfettered access to the best in their fields inspires lifelong learning by opening their imaginations to new career paths they may never have even dreamed of before.

Field trips allow students to make connections to new learning through real-world experiences. Imagine your students:

  • Learning about sea turtle conservation from an aquarium educator at the North Carolina Aquarium on Roanoke Island.
  • Having a few laughs learning about math from the Chief Imagination Officer and Executive Daydreamer of Living Maths in South Africa.
  • Exploring the universe through Manitoba Museum’s virtual planetarium.
  • Becoming portrait detectives with the help of Smithsonian Portrait Gallery educators.
  • And so much more!

Partners of Streamline Learning include Codejoy, the National D-Day Memorial, Northwest Trek Wildlife Park, Ford’s Theatre, the Museum of Fine Art Boston, the South Carolina Aquarium, Planet Bee Foundation, NASCAR Hall of Fame, Poetry4Kids, and the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, among many others.


Best in Class

Offering more programs from more providers than any other platform, Streamable Learning is priced right to be accessible for teachers looking to enhance their lesson plans.

With Streamable Learning, you can:

  • Create equitable opportunities for life experiences across the classroom.
  • Improve student outcomes and benefits.
  • Build stronger communities through standards-aligned edutainment.
  • Promote knowledge transfer through observation, interaction, and narrative.
  • Reinforce cultural growth and personal development.
  • Inspire the next generation of leaders.

Firsthand Experiences That Enhance Classroom Curriculums

Whether your classroom is in-person, fully remote, or hybrid, Streamable Learning provides curriculum-focused, standards-aligned experiences that help students connect what they learn in class with what is happening out in the world. Easy to discover, book, and attend, each event is sourced from renowned international educational institutions. Both recordings and livestreams align with U.S. state and Common Core standards.

An annual, all-inclusive Streamable Learning subscription includes:

  • A robust prescheduled calendar of live events.
  • Hundreds of K–12 interactive livestreams across a wide variety of subjects and grade levels.
  • On-demand access to more than 1,000 previously recorded livestreams.
  • Supplemental resources.
  • Ability for classrooms to directly interact with subject-matter experts through live chats.

Seamless Integration with Your Learn360 Subscription


screenshots of Streamable Learning on the Learn360 platform


Through your Learn360 subscription, you can easily access five recently added virtual field trips from Streamable Learning:

  • Famous Children’s Poets: Dr. Seuss
  • Art of Ancient Greece: Heroes and Deities
  • CodeJoy Presents Robot Shakespeare with micro:bit
  • Fascinating Felines at the Memphis Zoo
  • Poop, Plankton, and Plastics with Ocean Wise

Infobase will now include one to two complimentary rotating live events monthly from Streamable Learning on a first-come, first-served basis. In addition, an all-inclusive Streamable Learning subscription is available at a discounted price for Learn360 subscribers.

Streamable Learning is accessible via a Learn360 subscription, so educators have one point of access and can pair Learn360 assets with livestreams to create memorable and meaningful learning experiences. Learn360 and Streamable Learning are also available separately.

To learn more about Streamable Learning, trial the platform, or contact a representative for discussion, contact Infobase at

Want to learn more about ways you can use Streamable Learning in your curriculum? Check out our FREE webinar “Field Trips—Celebrate Curiosity with Learn360 and Streamable Learning”!

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