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Self-Care Is Not Selfish

The celebrations of the holiday season are a joyous time for many of us, and the new year is now upon us! As winter settles in, January brings us back… read more →

Embracing New Year’s Resolutions with Learn360

Happy New Year from Learn360! The new year is a wonderful time to reset your classroom expectations, reflect on individual growth, and establish resolutions for the coming year. Learn360 and… read more →

12 Conversation Starters to Spark Curiosity with Learn360 This Holiday Season

Between the sparkle of snow and excitement of the gift-giving season, it can be challenging to maintain the structure of the school day and sustain student attention. This year, embrace… read more →

Prevent Bullying: Resources to Build a More Inclusive Classroom

Many of us remember being bullied when we were young, and the psychological scars left behind can be devastating. So, how can we, as educators, help stop bullying—including cyberbullying—before it… read more →

Lesson Planning to Taylor Swift? Learn360 Is Here for It

With the imminent release of Taylor Swift’s 10th studio album, Midnights, we reflect back on the iconic singer’s most relatable lyrics to educators. Whether this is your first year in… read more →

Summer Reflections: Recovering from Burnout

Summer is usually slower for most of us who work in an academic library. This time is used to assess, review, and plan for the coming year. However, how can… read more →

The Education Resignation: Prioritizing Your Wellness Over Your Career in Education

One of the main tenets of the helping professional oath is to “do no harm,” but what does a helping professional do when the profession is harmful to you? The… read more →

April Is Stress Awareness Month: Tune into Stress Symptoms and Take Action for Better Health!

Is Stress Bad? We typically think of stress as being a bad thing, which is not necessarily the case. All stress is not created equal, and stress responses are not… read more →

Four Fast and Fun Check-In Ideas for Your Classroom

Whether you call it a bell-ringer, opener, do-now, etc., we all know the first few moments of the school day (or a class) set the tone. That’s why we LOVE… read more →

2021 College Freshmen: How They’re Different & How We Can Support Them

Take a moment and enter my time machine. Fragments of time swirling and stardust flying. We find ourselves in the throes of March 2020. Life as we once knew has… read more →

You Don’t Hate Math: Social-Emotional Learning Strategies for Teaching Math

“I hate math.” As educators, chances are we have heard this sentence many times before from students (and maybe even adults). Heck, we may have uttered these words ourselves. Can… read more →

Debunking Self-Care Myths

Self-care is a hot topic right now. And while it’s something we all benefit from, we can easily talk ourselves out of doing it. Or sometimes it can sneakily become… read more →